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One last part after this...

It was those motions that made me shudder and my pussy clench around his dick. Over and over he pushed his length inside me and withdrew it slowly, teasingly. He knew how crazy it was making me. I was wet and soaking, my cream lubing his cock making it easy for him to stroke in and out of my cunt. I shuddered and begged him to fuck me, but he was relentless in his teasing. I was bent over the couch or I would have mounted him myself. I was at his mercy…at his cock’s mercy, and he loved it. Somehow, so did I. “Yes darlin, moan for me, beg.” His large palm slapped my ass, making it sting and making my pussy clench tighter around his shaft. I moaned and brought my fingers up to rub my clit, it was hard and needy, I circled my hips against him as I rubbed it with two fingers, moaning in the bliss of both caresses.

“Please, please fuck me cowboy.” He chuckled and kissed my neck, nibbling softly at my tender flesh. His shaft withdrew from my pussy and rubbed between my ass cheeks again, soaking my ass in my own cream. His strong hands parted my cheeks and he pressed the head of his cock against my hole. Up and down he teased, barely penetrating my tender inside, making me groan. Finally…with a thrust of power and lust, he sank his dick deep inside me, penetrating my ass. I groaned, nearly screaming his name as his thick shaft filled up my body, so tightly inside me. “Yes…” we groaned together and he squeezed my cheeks together around his dick until his balls were against the curve of my ass.

For a moment he held himself inside me, letting me feel just how thick and long he was inside my ass. When he began to stroke me, it was slow and nearly gentle, as if he feared I might break. I moaned and bit my lips as he slowly pulled out and pushed back inside. Over and over he repeated it, like he has with my pussy; but now his cock was lubed and inside my tight hole, the sensations were totally different—and wonderful. Gradually he grew faster, stroking me quicker, his balls slapping against my ass, and his hand cupped the curve. I arched my back and groaned, feeling him ram in and out of me, over and over. Behind me the cowboy moaned and reached around to cup and squeeze my breasts, playing his fingers over my hardened nipples.

“Yes…mm god yes…harder.” I begged him and he obliged until his shaft was pounding in and out of my hole, over and over. “Yes darlin,” he groaned and began to grunt as he always did just become coming. I circled my hips and his dick stirred inside my ass and he shuddered against my back, groaning in my ear. “Come…” I moaned and he fucked me harder, making my body tremble underneath him. I bit my lip and lowered my head with the force that was building up inside me. I was going to come. Over and over he pumped me, a hard and fast rhythm of bliss. He groaned and growled my name into my ear before coming hard inside me. His load of hot come shot from his dick and inside my ass. I gasped, my orgasm hit me unexpectedly and I came too. The cowboy groaned and slipped two fingers inside my orgasm-wracked cunt. I stroked his dick and his fingers, coming all over him just as he came inside me. It was bliss like never before.

I’m not sure just how long we came together but what was probably only moments felt like hours of pleasure. He slowly stroked in and out of me now, milking his cock and his cream inside me. When he withdrew his fingers from my pussy he moaned and licked them clean while I shuddered and sighed. “Mm, darlin.” After what felt like hours his shaft withdrew from my ass, now softer and empty of come. He had come completely and wonderfully. The next thing I knew was that we were on the couch, laying together naked and warm. My head was in his lap and his fingers stroked my hair. I began to wonder if I had passed out from the pleasure. The cowboy was slouched against the back of the sofa, he too was spent for the moment.

We laid together like that for a while, both of us drifting in and out of sleep, when I lifted my head to see the clock on the wall. It was late...very late. Outside it would be dark and I couldn't believe that we had spent over and hour doing what we had just done. I argued with myself about caring, and whether or not I should get up and wake the cowboy. I didn't want to leave his side just yet. His arm was draped gently over my waist and our intimate posture felt nice. A touch of tenderness in some other wise very rough, but good, lovemaking. Finally I decided, and stirred, kissing his bare thigh and then rolling on to my back to look up at him as my fingers traced across his chest. Sleepy, half-open eyes greeted me when he realized I was touching him again, and that he was no longer just reliving what we had just done. "Mornin darlin." He grinned and our lips met in a kiss. I closed my eyes and savored his taste, soft but masculine, all him. "Mornin," I mumbled back against his lips and finally pulled away. "We're gonna have to get up cowboy, its nearly night outside." He stretched, muscles on his body tensing that I hadn't gotten to see before, and then ran fingers through his dark hair. "Nah...let's just say here." It was a nice sentiment. I would have liked to stay there forever if we could have. Finally I rolled over and made my feet find the ground and then my hands find my clothes. They were strewn every where, and tangled with his. It was nice to see clothes laying like our bodies had.

I managed to pull on my jeans before the cowboy groaned in protect and pulled me around the waist. Caught off balance I tumbled ungracefully into his lap and instantly I could feel his hardness against the ass of my jeans. "Don't go darlin, stay and play some more." His lips nuzzled against my neck and his hands began to fondle with my still bare breasts. Did I mention I hadn't bothered to pull my panties back on? I knew he was smiling, enjoying the way I squirmed and I knew I had to make a descision I didn't want to. Stay and have pleasure until I couldn't walk, or go home and try to recover from the pounding he gave me? I didn't want to pick. "Why don't you come back to my room?" I bit my lips, trying to keep the moan in my throat at bay as my hardened nipples were like a play thing in this fingers. "We can play there," I twisted to kiss him, but only brushed my lips and tongue against his lips as a tease. A tease that got the reaction I was hoping for out of his cock. I wiggled against it, enjoying the way it felt as it was molded against the curve of my ass so much that my jeans began to grow moist. He groaned and nibbled my ear approvingly, "Lets go."
I dont really remember walking back to my dorm room, or checking the cowboy in. All I really remember is that we dressed quickly and walked over there even faster. I think that he held hands the whole way, both remembering-or at least thinking that we did-the last time when we woke up alone. I dont think we wanted a repeat of that, only of the sex. It didn't seem that the elevator could go fast enough, and I hadn't even thought about taking the stairs while my legs were still wobbily and my pussy was still wet inside my jeans. Both my underware and bra were inside my backpack, but I didn't care. It wasn't like I'd be wearing any of the other clothes all that long either. If there hadn't been someone else in the elivator with us, I think we would have gotten started without delay.

I unlocked the door to my room and prushed inside with the cowboy right behind me. I didn't bother turning on the lights, not that I had a chance to really, because he picked me up and threw me onto the bed just as soon as I locked it and dropped my backpack. His fingers slowly worked down his flannel shirt and he made me watch as he undressed himself. I did my part and wiggled out of my jeans, and tossed my shirt to the floor. Finally, we were both naked, horny, and alone again.

The cowboy ended up on this back and I was between his knees, not kneeling, but laying between his parted thighs. His legs were on either side of my shoulders, proudly displaying his manhood between them. His cock was already hard and thick, it seemed he was always ready, that made me smile. I licked my tongue over this body, down his hips on both sides, between his sensitive thighs, and even over this balls and the underside of this shaft. He shuddered and moaned his encouragement, making me look up and into his dark eyes. They were full of lusty fire that made me long to do this even more. I slid my hands up the outside of his thigh and took each hip in hand, pulling his rock hard shaft to my lips. Gently I brushed my tender lips over his head, letting my tongue tease it as it peeked between them. My cowboy moaned and began to comb his fingers through my hair, he whispered begging and encouraging words for me to taste his shaft. I looked up into this eyes as I parted my lips, slowly pulling his cock into my mouth. Inch by thick and wonderful inch, his dick sank into my lips and I moaned around it. I took all of him until my mouth nearly had to stretch about his length, but I wanted him all. My tongue rubbed around the sides of his shaft and his hips arched up to me. I closed my eyes and began to do what he had begged me: I sucked his hard cock, caressing my lips all around his organ.

He groaned as my lips worked his shaft vigorously. He begged me to suck him and arched his hips up to me. I smiled and slowly with drew his length from my lips, blowing a cool stream of air across his cock. He shuddered slightly and his dick got even harder, I groaned just watching him. His shaft was just an inch from my lips. My tongue snaked from between my lips and I flicked it over his head, before sucking around the ridge. His voice began to grow raspy and hot with need. I smiled up at him again and pulled his dick into my mouth again, hungry for his cock. It filled my mouth, and made me moan with pleasure as every inch slipped deep inside my mouth and I began to suck him once more. I used my whole mouth to make love to his cock, sucking it harder, stroking it up and down, in and out of my lips. “Oh god…oh god,”

He groaned as his hips began to buck, stroking his shaft in and out of my lips. I tasted something warm on my tongue and I knew he had precome, if I sucked him harder, which I did, I knew he would come and explode in my mouth. I wanted to taste him, my tongue begged to have his hot seed in my lips. I groaned and increased my efforts, touching and teasing the rest of his body with my hands, cupping his tender balls and caressing them as my lips continued to work his shaft. I wanted him to come, I wanted him to come harder than he ever had before…I sucked his cock and closed my eyes as his body trembled and he groaned. He exploded, and my mouth was filled with his hot essence. I groaned and swallowed him…every drop, moaning in bliss at his taste. “Oh god darlin,” he shuddered and I milked him with my lips. I groaned, happy to take his load.

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