Jackdragon (jackdragon) wrote in twisted_tails,

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Sweet Ecstasy...

The recesses of my mind spew forth the muck of my thoughts. My excriment covered eyes dripping with my own existence. My life is a cruel joke for a horse masturbator to make themselves feel better. My body covered in maggotty flesh that feeds the inner demon in my soul. It too laughs as I stubble like a mew crawling to suck the crusted over nipple of the world and all it eats. Bile fills my nose everytime I try to breath. Swimming in it has saturated every pore of my being. A slave to my ego yet bitch of my low self esteem. It whips and bites and stings my already maggoty flesh. My manhood was fed long ago to the demoness to feed her incessive hunger for lust. I hear all my screams of torment and agony in my perfect ears. Untouched by the bile or slime or the rats that crawl in and out of my mouth and feed on my entrails. The probe cuts deep in me as the demoness shows me humility. I welcome her jagged claws on my tender spot. Her snake slithers from her open legs to feed upon my compassion and last shred of any dignity I may have had. She feeds upon my brain and all I can think is I want more.
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