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A note from the management....

**The Dragon flies in, a sadistic smile curled across his lips. His sharp teeth glint in the red light of the cave.**

This community has now become a closed one.

This is to prevent "under 18" eyes from viewing most of the contents, thereby causing us (my Queen, especially) undue grief.

**The Dragon shrugs nonchalantly**

We're running out of space to hide the bodies and thought this the most logical choice.

**Extending a razor sharp talon to point at the members**

Those of you already on the members list should be unaffected by this change. If you are affected, do not hesitate to let one of us know and we'll rectify the situation.

**Turning that very same talon in a beckoning gesture to those who wait outside the cave**

To the rest of you... we invite you to come play with us. Let us know if you want to join in our... debauchery and we'll check to see if we find you... suitable;)

**Flashing a wicked smile, he flies off into the darkness, his chuckle echoing behind him.**
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