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Twisted Tails...where fantasy and reality collide... [entries|friends|calendar]
Jackdragon's Twisted Tails

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(Dance with the Dragon)

Its almost Halloween.... [29 Oct 2008|01:51am]

Some of us are looking for those great sex stories about this great-for-sexual-situations holiday! I wish I were better at writing, but I'm always willing to read some erotic material from the best of you.

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[19 Apr 2006|09:25pm]

One last part after this...

CowboyCollapse )

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[22 Oct 2005|09:56pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

I've been gone for so long...Collapse )

(Dance with the Dragon)

To whom it may concern... [20 Apr 2005|12:02am]

This is public so that le_mignon_chien can either put their date of birth on their info page. Or they can make one post so I can respond and get it that way. Without knowing your date of birth, I can't add you.

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[14 Mar 2005|03:42am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I am making this post public since I just went through and found many that have friended, but as of yet have not requested to be added as a member. The stories that are public are just the tip of the iceberg. If you don't hit the join button, you won't see the full amount of stories that are posted here. If you are over 18 years of age, please join versus just friending the community. You won't really see anything if you just friend it. Thank you for your time.

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The new guy [13 Mar 2005|10:18am]

Just a word to say hello as I am a new member here. My much better half morose_angel has been a memeber here for a while and she pointed me this direction. Look forward to reading and writing future posts here.

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Fall Away [22 Apr 2004|08:58pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Tell me if this is ok for your community..nothing erotic or anything...

The glass shatters,
As I punch in my face,
Blood covered shards,
All over the place,
Splinters of earth,
Cling to my skin,
He continues to leave,
Never let back in,
Pick up a broken star,
Coat it with empathy,
Run it between the lines,
Erase the sympathy,
Fall away for good,
Hide from the pain,
Swallow the darkness,
A life all in vain

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A request of the good dragon.... [22 Jan 2004|08:01am]

[ mood | naughty ]

... I've been craving mermaid erotica...(it's a phase I'm going thru)

Any stories that anyone could share would be most appreciated.

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[23 Dec 2003|06:56am]


"Happy birthday dear Queen, Happy birthday dear Queen, Happy birthday deeeeaaar Queeeeeen, Happy birthday to you!!!!"

May your slaves and dragon pamper you the way you intend.

read thisCollapse )

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Thanks to freeze_dried for typing this [17 Oct 2003|11:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

McFarlane's Twisted Land of OzCollapse )

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To whom it may concern... [26 Sep 2003|01:36am]

[ mood | devious ]

The dragon clears his throat.

"To all of those coming from kinkerotica. Please comment here and you'll be let into the cave to take part in the mass of debauchery held inside. Our slaves will attend to your needs as long as you are eighteen or over. If you are not then you will have to prove yourself worthy of entering with a story sent to me or my Queen. Oh... and welcome to twisted tails, we're glad that you could come."

The dragon winks and walks back inside with a beckoning tail.

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*Stretches and smiles to the denizens of the cave* [06 Sep 2003|07:05am]

[ mood | creative ]

I hope you all enjoy the new layout!

I think it suits my Dragon very well;)

Besides, it's much more "work safe" than the other one;) *laughs*


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A note from the management.... [16 Jul 2003|10:34am]

[ mood | devious ]

**The Dragon flies in, a sadistic smile curled across his lips. His sharp teeth glint in the red light of the cave.**

This community has now become a closed one.

This is to prevent "under 18" eyes from viewing most of the contents, thereby causing us (my Queen, especially) undue grief.

**The Dragon shrugs nonchalantly**

We're running out of space to hide the bodies and thought this the most logical choice.

**Extending a razor sharp talon to point at the members**

Those of you already on the members list should be unaffected by this change. If you are affected, do not hesitate to let one of us know and we'll rectify the situation.

**Turning that very same talon in a beckoning gesture to those who wait outside the cave**

To the rest of you... we invite you to come play with us. Let us know if you want to join in our... debauchery and we'll check to see if we find you... suitable;)

**Flashing a wicked smile, he flies off into the darkness, his chuckle echoing behind him.**

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haiku for you! [22 May 2003|11:56am]

[ mood | nervous ]

at jackdragon's suggestion - and bug (thanks, btw, for giving me bugs!), I'm posting. This is a haiku i wrote close to a year ago.

test of discipline
breath in the darkness wants wet
a hand, a strand, stare

(Dance with the Dragon)

Sweet Ecstasy... [05 Apr 2003|04:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

The recesses of my mind spew forth the muck of my thoughts. My excriment covered eyes dripping with my own existence. My life is a cruel joke for a horse masturbator to make themselves feel better. My body covered in maggotty flesh that feeds the inner demon in my soul. It too laughs as I stubble like a mew crawling to suck the crusted over nipple of the world and all it eats. Bile fills my nose everytime I try to breath. Swimming in it has saturated every pore of my being. A slave to my ego yet bitch of my low self esteem. It whips and bites and stings my already maggoty flesh. My manhood was fed long ago to the demoness to feed her incessive hunger for lust. I hear all my screams of torment and agony in my perfect ears. Untouched by the bile or slime or the rats that crawl in and out of my mouth and feed on my entrails. The probe cuts deep in me as the demoness shows me humility. I welcome her jagged claws on my tender spot. Her snake slithers from her open legs to feed upon my compassion and last shred of any dignity I may have had. She feeds upon my brain and all I can think is I want more.

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